🙊About FEG token

What is FEG Token?

FEG is a decentralized crypto project with a singular supply that allows people to buy, trade, bridge between the ETH, BNB and BASE blockchains. It is the token around which the entire SmartDeFi ecosystem is built, vastly increasing its demand and uses as more features are added to the ecosystem.

Passive Income Opportunities

FEG holders can earn passive income through FEG Staking, the fully audited protocol which allows FEG stakers to receive rewards from FEG trading and ALL other projects utilizing the SmartDeFi staking protocol on their respective chain. Staking opens the door to various income possibilities as rewards flow from hundreds of projects launched via the SmartDeFi Launchpad, making FEG staking an absolute monster for passive income. Rewards earnings vary on each chain based on their volume and coming FEG platforms such as the SmartDeFi Token Launchpad, FTW P2P trading, Aggregator, and others.

A store of value

At the heart of FEG lies its asset-backing feature, offering a store of value with a continuously increasing baseline. This distinctive attribute is backed by the native coin on and generated from various FEG ecosystem sources. Holders of FEG also benefit from the SmartLending feature, enabling them to take interest-free loans against the asset-backed value of their token holdings.

Trade with Confidence

FEG trades with a robust set of tokenomics, providing flexibility that can be adapted to meet the project's specific needs at any given time. Currently trading on decentralized exchanges like SmartDeFi / PancakeSwap / UNISWAP and centralized exchanges including CoinW / MEXC / GATE / BitMart / LATOKEN / BTOK / BYDFY / StealthEX

FEG contract address on ETH, BSC, & BASE



FEG was first deployed on ETH on January 31 2021, and BSC on February 12 2021. It was basically one project, but the two tokens ran independently on their respective blockchains, varying in price with separate liquidity pools and market movements. Later on FEG was re-launched on ETH & BSC from the inhouse built SmartDeFi Token Launchpad in March of 2023. Lastly, on May 27 2024 FEG upgraded to the latest version of SmartDeFi to benefit from all the newly introduced features and to switch to a SINGULAR supply across ETH, BSC and BASE chains, with more EVM blockchains to follow.

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