Create a crypto wallet

# Creating Your Crypto Wallet

  1. Download the Safepal app to your device; it's one of the best wallets.

  2. Install the wallet app and follow the official guide to set up your crypto wallet.

Always store your seed phrase securely, and never share it with anyone! Once someone has your seed phrase, they will have complete access to your wallet!

# Adding FEG to your wallet list

  1. Open the app and ensure you're on the home screen; it says "wallet" at the bottom.

  2. Look for the menu with three dots on the right

  3. Click on "Manage Coins."

  4. In the new search field, type "FEG" or, better yet, search using the contract address: 0xbededDf2eF49E87037c4fb2cA34d1FF3D3992A11

  5. Add which FEG is right for you by clicking "+," and choose BNB, ETH, or both.

If you return to the home screen, you will see FEG in your list, complete with the number of tokens owned, price per FEG, total price for your holdings, and other info.

# Manually Adding FEG Token as a Custom Token

In some wallets, you may be unable to locate FEG within the list of available tokens in their search field; in that case, you can manually add it as a custom token using the information provided in the table below:

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