📊FEGtrack App

The new FEGtrack is in closed-alpha testing and cannot be downloaded yet.

The Next Generation of FEGtrack: A Dashboard for All SmartDeFi Tokens

Prepare to experience unprecedented token tracking with the upcoming launch of the revamped FEGtrack.

This platform is a comprehensive dashboard designed to revolutionize your SmartDeFi token tracking experience, empowering you to gain comprehensive insights into your diverse SmartDeFi holdings. This expanded coverage provides a holistic overview of your investments, allowing you to make informed decisions confidently.

A Symphony of Features for Enhanced Token Tracking

The new FEGtrack will be packed with features designed to elevate your token tracking experience:

Real-time Burned & Circulating Supply

Live updates on burned and circulating token counts, ensuring you're always informed about the health of your investments

Multiple Wallet Integration

Seamlessly track multiple wallets to gain unified insights into your SmartDeFi token holdings across various blockchains

Live Charted Market Data

Visualize the performance of your holdings with real-time data charts, providing a clear overview of price movements and trends

Wallet Balance and Staking Balance

Stay informed about your wallet balance and accumulated staking rewards, keeping an eye on your SmartDeFi holdings

Liquidity Balance

Keep track of your liquidity pool contributions, enabling you to make informed decisions about liquidity farming strategies

Loans Information

Easily monitor your active loans, including loan amounts, expiration dates, and remaining balances to avoid loss of funds

Links and Information

Access information related to SmartDeFi tokens, including project websites, documentation and community resources

... and much more

A Secure and Reliable Bastion of Token Data

The new FEGtrack remains a secure and reliable powerful tool that presents a centralized hub for your SmartDeFi tokens information, reading information available publicly on the blockchain, with no access whatsoever to your private keys or tokens as FEGtrack never actually connects to your wallet.

The OLD FEGtrack app

The old FEGtrack is ONLINE and can still be used, but it only works for FEG.

Download the old classic app on the Google Play Store or App Store.

Alternatively, you can use the web version of old FEGtrack at http://fegtrack.app.

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