Getting BNB/ETH

To buy ANYTHING on a blockchain, you'll first need to own the native coin of said blockchain

To buy FEGbsc, you must first acquire BNB (BEP20) To buy FEGeth, you must first acquire ETH (ERC20)

If you are using SafePal:

- navigate to the home screen of your SafePal wallet. - select the BNB BEP20 or ETH ERC20 asset. - click the "Buy" button to initiate the purchase through Simplex using your credit card

Please ensure you have the necessary identification documents ready for KYC verification during this step to prove your identity.

If you are using MetaMask:

- Access the home screen of your MetaMask wallet. - Choose the BNB or ETH asset. - Click on the "Buy" button to purchase through Transak using your credit card

Google and Apple Pay

You can also buy ETH and BNB from many other places. One popular platform is MoonPay, which offers the possibility of buying using Google Pay, Apple Pay, Mastercard, and Visa credit cards. Please double-check the receiving wallet address before confirming any transaction to avoid any potential errors and sending funds to the wrong wallet.

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