🚀Token Launchpad

Your Shortcut to Token Creation, Effortlessly

Have you ever dreamed of creating your crypto project but found the technical barriers too high? Enter the SmartDeFi Token Launchpad, your ticket to launching a Web3 project in a few clicks without the need for coding expertise.

With zero development costs, anyone can launch their idea or project on the ETH or BNB blockchains with a fully audited contract by PeckShield along with the following features:

  • Staking for passive income

  • Asset Backing for guaranteed minimum value

  • Tokenless Presales with rug protection

  • Frontrun protection

  • Smart Loans (0% interest for 30 days)

  • Track App for mobile and desktop

  • Custom fees to support your project

  • ... and more

For real-time interactions and guidance, join the official Telegram t.me/SDlistings

The SmartDeFi Advantage

SmartDeFi has been years in the making, and thousands of work hours have been poured into creating this advanced Launchpad, along with a sizeable amount of money invested in making this system a reality. The SmartDeFi Launchpad has been thoroughly audited by the top blockchain security company PeckShield and now you can get all of this and create your own project using SmartDeFi essentially for free. To assist you in making informed decisions on your new crypto journey, we've compiled concise and valuable pieces of information that you can quickly read to get a feel for how it works:

Zero coding knowledge needed

You can create and launch a project without knowing a single thing about coding, plus even options like staking, loans, lockers, etc.

Launch costs

Minting is FREE, however transactions need gas fees to execute on blockchains. Use gas trackers to monitor these costs BSC / ETH

Protocol fee

Creating your project is free, but a small tax takes a percentage from each buy and sell transaction. Currently, the fee is set to 0.5%

List your project anywhere

As long as your specific project fits all their standards for listing you can list on any CEX, DEX, CoinMarketCap, Coingecko and so on

Liquidity Pairing

SmartDeFi tokens can be paired with ANY coin you wish. Note, at launch the main liquidity pool will be paired with BNB or ETH

Liquidity funds

You can launch using our presale system and gather liquidity from your investors, or you can inject your own money into liquidity

Locked and unlocked liquidity

Presale liquidity is locked/vested & releases in batches but liquidity injected manually by the owner is unlocked by default (can be locked)

Custom taxes before & after launch

Full control over taxes and can set them to gather funds for marketing, staking, backing, liquidity, development, burns, so on

Note: CoinW, a top crypto exchange, has offered to speed up listing of any SmartDeFi project that qualifies for their criteria & meets the listing costs. Contact CoinW for more.

So what now?

You can dive deeper into SmartDeFi if you wish, or you can launch your project right now!

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