💵Private Liquidity Launch

After you've created the new token project, you'll see this new dashboard layout, which has several settings.

Deploy Swap

Suppose you're not using a Presale type launch. In that case, to launch your token and have it publicly traded on Pancakeswap or Uniswap, you'll need to add liquidity to it from your wallet manually.

Click the "Deploy swap" button, add the desired number of SD tokens and BNB/ETH to create your liquidity pool on the new window. A large liquidity pool would be best, to avoid a significant price impact when people start trading your new tokens.

Note that the Token to BNB/ETH ratio you choose now is essential, as it will decide the selling price with which your token will launch.

If you're happy with the numbers, click "Approve" and accept the wallet app requests. Once the transaction goes through, the button text will change and say, "Deploy Swap." so click it and accept wallet requests again. You've now moved out the set amount of SD tokens and BNB/ETH from your wallet and placed them into a Pancakeswap / Uniswap Liquidity Pool contract; at this point, your new project is ready to trade publicly.

Add Asset Backing

If you wish to manually add funds into the asset backing pool for your token, you can do so at any time using this "add backing" menu. Simply click the button, add your desired number of tokens/coins for asset backing, then approve this operation and then add the backing once the button's text changes to "add backing".

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