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Stake FEG step-by-step

To start staking, go to SmartDeFi.com

Step 1. Connect your wallet

You will see the "Connect Wallet" button at the top right. Next to it, you'll find the logos of the BNB, ETH, or BASE blockchains. Click on the connect button. On the new popup menu, select your desired blockchain and then your preferred method of connecting. In this example, we'll choose Metamask.

Step 2. Stake your FEG

Click the "Staking" tab on the left. This will open a new menu on the right with two tabs: "Stake" and "Unstake."

Click on the "Stake" tab and enter the tokens you'd like to stake to start receiving passive rewards.

Below, you will see a button labeled either "Approve" or "Stake." If it says "Approve," click it and complete the approval transaction. Once that's done, the button will change to "Stake." Click the "Stake" button to finalize the transaction and start staking. Ensure you accept all the confirmations your wallet app requests to execute these steps successfully.

Step 3. Check your staked tokens

After completing the transaction, a new menu will appear, displaying the amount you staked, information about your rewards, and other staking-related details.


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