SmartDeFi Protocol Pause

SD Pause - stops transfers and buy/sell transactions of SmartDeFi assets across ALL SD projects.

  • This function has to be manually triggered by FEG Team developers and can be executed to protect SmartDeFi ecosystem if an exploit of the SD token contract, SD Backing Contract, or SD Staking was identified.

  • The SD Protocol Pause is applied to all SmartDeFi projects at once.

  • Note: SmartDeFi tokens are exposed to potential vulnerabilities on Pancakeswap, Uniswap, 3rd party LP/token locker services, or other decentralized exchanges as any crypto assets. This does not always apply for reasons to enforce SDPause for the entire protocol.

  • The decision about enforcing SmartDeFi Protocol Pause will be up to the FEG team with no ill intentions in mind and keeping best interest for the entire ecosystem.

  • SmartLoans, Loan Extentions and Burn for Backing will be active under SDPause.

  • Available via SDscan.

  • Protocol unpause will resume full functionality of the SmartDeFi Protocol.

SmartDeFi Project Pause

  • The SD Individual Pause is applied to a specific project and does not affect other projects launched on SmartDeFi.

  • If a project is believed to be a victim of an exploit, please notify FEG Team directly for further investigation. The speed and the approval for a SmartDeFi project Pause is dependent on the severity of the situation, availability of FEG team developers and requires an approval to pause on-chain by both the Project owner and by the FEG developers. Available via SDscan.

  • SmartLoans, Loan Extentions and Burn for Backing under SDPause will be active in SDPause for Single Projec.

  • Available via SDscan.

  • Project unpause will resume full functionality of the SmartDeFi Project. Requires approvals from both project owners and FEG team.

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