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SmartDeFi Empowers Your Vision

For project owners navigating the complexities of launching a cryptocurrency project, FEG's SmartDeFi Launchpad emerges as a game-changing platform designed to empower project owners and bring their crypto visions to life without coding expertise.

SmartDeFi Launchpad offers a comprehensive toolkit to create, manage, and evolve your crypto project. With SDL, you can turn your vision into a successful crypto venture. Creating a new SmartDeFi crypto project can be done in a few clicks, and here's how you can do it.

Creating Your Token with Ease

Creating your token becomes a straightforward process with SmartDeFi, and a simple visit to FEGex unveils the gateway to your project creation journey. The "Launch SD" button in the left menu unlocks the "Create SmartDeFi Token" window, where you can mint and customize your token, all in one simple window.

Tailor your project with various parameters, offering unparalleled flexibility for your unique needs. The token creation menu offers you control over options such as: - Token name, for example: Bitcoin (only use letters/numbers). - Token symbol, for example: BTC. - Supply of your token up to a maximum of 10 quintillion. - Backing tax will inject funds into your asset backing pool with every trade. - Backing asset: Address of desired coin/token for backing; by default, it will input wBNB/wETH. - Burn tax: if you'd like to burn tokens automatically while trading - Liquidity tax: this will inject BNB/ETH and your SD token into your liquidity pool, thus helping to strengthen the depth of your liquidity. - Growth tax: SD tokens will be sent to the SD-owner wallet with each trade, and teams can use these funds for marketing, team payment, CEX listings, and whatever they need to run the project. - Staking tax: sends SD-tokens rewards to those using the SmartDeFi staking platform. - Reflections tax: to reward holders frictionlessly with small amounts of SD-tokens on every trade. - Different taxation: Project creators can set different tax levels for buys and sales. -- Note: "Tax on transfers" will use by default the same tax settings from buys. -- Limits: All taxes combined cannot be more than 50% for buying and 50% for selling.

The Protocol Fee is a small tax of 0.5% that the FEG Team will use to continue building, updating and growing the ecosystem and rewarding users. So if you set your custom taxes to 5%, total will be 5.5% with protocol fee.

Once satisfied with the chosen settings, a simple click on the "Create Token" button initiates the process. Approval from the wallet app and covering blockchain gas fees for the transaction completes the token creation journey.

Congratulations, you're now the happy owner of a crypto project, and at this point, you'll notice you have received the entire supply of this new token in your wallet.

Options for Liquidity: Your Choice, Your Launch

The next step is to launch your project publicly, and to do that, SmartDeFi Launchpad gives project owners the flexibility to choose between a public LEAP fundraising to gather liquidity or to launch first and manually add liquidity later from the owner's wallet.

If you're not using a presale launch, manually adding liquidity is essential for your token to be publicly traded on PancakeSwap or Uniswap.

Post Creation Menu

Post-token creation, project owners gain access to a comprehensive dashboard equipped with various settings related to token liquidity, presale launch, adding asset backing, enabling staking, editing taxes, adding project logo, token information, social links and so on.

Adding Logo and Description

Add Asset Backing

If you have funds available in your wallet, you can manually inject funds into the asset-backing pool for your project at any time. If not, leave it as is, and the pool will slowly fill up automatically due to the backing tax you set earlier in the token creation window.

Edit Taxes

If you forgot to create an asset backing tax earlier, during token creation, then no worries, you can edit any of your project's taxes even after token creation, as per your needs, using the "Edit tax" button. - Note: You cannot change taxes on the fly; from one minute to another, a delay is designed to protect investors. You can change taxes however many times you wish in the coming years, but you cannot activate these newly edited taxes for the next three days after you've suggested the new taxes. Return to this menu after the timer runs out and activate the new taxes. Otherwise, your project will keep using the old taxes. Using this "edit tax" option will display a public warning on your token's page in FEGex to notify investors of your action to change the project's tokenomics. You will also gain access to an advanced tool called SDscan, which gives you unprecedented control over the inner workings of your new token project, allowing you to read the info and modify your token (within limits) in the token's smart contract.

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