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🌍 About FEG.io

FEG is a dedicated DeFi project featuring a Next-Gen Token Launchpad, "SmartDeFi," that has undergone rigorous audits. Currently, we are deployed on ETH, BNB and BASE blockchains with plans to expand our presence to multiple other EVM-compatible chains, further broadening our ecosystem's reach and capabilities.

🌉 Cross-Chain Protocol Development

FEG has developed a cross-chain protocol that enables a singular token supply to flow seamlessly across multiple blockchains. This cutting-edge technology is unique in DeFi and has undergone thorough auditing to ensure robustness and security.

💼 SmartDeFi Token Launchpad

Our Token Launchpad is designed with robust features to support innovative investment strategies:

  • Multi-Asset Backing: Investors can back tokens with multiple assets such as ETH, USDC and more.

  • Flexible redemption and loans: Tokens can be burned for their asset-backing value if competitive with market prices, or investors may opt for an interest-free 30-day loan against their tokens.

  • Adaptive Tokenomics: Projects can modify their tokenomic structures to better align with evolving project goals or investor strategies, subject to a 3-day security delay for changes.

  • RFI Technology Integration: We have enhanced the integration of RFI (reflect finance) technology, offering options for RFI vs. Non-RFI setups to improve functionality and investment outcomes.

  • Staking Protocol Deployer: Utilize our customizable and fully audited Staking Protocol to bring immediate utility and enhanced value to your project.

  • Tokenless Presales: A pioneering presale method where investors contribute to liquidity and receive an equivalent dollar value in tokens, held by the contract. Upon withdrawing their investment, they retrieve their new value in ETH or BNB, and the corresponding tokens are burnt to the dead wallet, thereby preserving the market price and enhancing presale safety. Throughout this period, investors also earn DEX liquidity provider fees.

🏛 Real-World Asset Tokenization

Our launchpad now supports the tokenization of real-world assets, enabling seamless dividend payouts through our audited staking protocol. This feature allows for a deeper connection between digital assets and physical assets, expanding the scope and utility of blockchain technology.

📱 FEGtrack App

FEG has also developed the FEGtrack app, which provides project data, charting, market information, and news updates. It is available for download on both Android and iOS devices. Simply search for "FEGtrack" on your preferred app store.

🔗 SmartDeFi Trading/Charting Platform

Explore our custom trading and charting site, where all tokens from our launchpad will be tradable. This platform routes through UniSwap and PancakeSwap and includes all the tools from our collaborative partner, TradingView. Visit us at SmartDeFi.com !

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Main website: https://feg.io/ Trading platform: https://smartdefi.com Live Support: https://livesupport.fegtoken.com

Contact emails info@feg.io marketing@feg.io

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