🟢Stage 1 - SDR

Recovery of the first iteration of SmartDeFi from 2022.


Recovery of safeguarded SmartDeFi projects

SDR was developed through the collective efforts of dedicated members of our DeFi community. This initiative arose from a crucial need to secure funds that were locked in previous SmartDeFi projects due to exploits. Motivated by a commitment to our users, we pursued a comprehensive solution to protect these assets.

The process was challenging and extended over 1.5 years, involving the replication of the exploit contract, extensive testing, integrating a user-friendly interface, and continuous enhancements. The FEG developers successfully devised a secure method to release these funds. This solution was incorporated into the SmartDeFi Recovery Tool (SDR), which was further validated by a third-party security audit to ensure its robustness and reliability.

Find the SDR tool at https://sdr.fegtoken.com/

To recover your locked funds from old safeguarded SD projects, refer to the comprehensive guides: - SDR for DEVs - SDR for Investors

Essential Considerations for Fund Recovery

It is important to clarify that the amount recovered through the SmartDeFi Recovery Tool (SDR) may not equate directly to the original locked amounts. Typically, the recovery might show a variance of 24% to 28%, and possibly greater for substantial amounts requiring multiple recovery attempts.

The recovery mechanism involves a flashloan strategy, leveraging 4.5 times the locked balance, which incurs fees associated with the flashloan from PancakeSwap (PCS) and additional costs due to BNB wrapping and unwrapping processes. For example, to recover 100 fBNB, a flashloan of 450 BNB is required, along with the associated blockchain fees.

For a detailed explanation of the recovery process, please visit the SDR Process page.

A complete list of SmartDeFi Projects that qualify for SDR:

Please be aware that this recovery initiative is specifically designed for previously locked SmartDeFi projects. These funds have been securely preserved. Following the successful recovery of these assets, attention will be directed towards addressing other SmartDeFi projects that were not locked, in subsequent phases.

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