⛓️Cross-chain Bridge

Introducing the SmartDeFi Cross-Chain Bridge, a revolutionary feature available for all projects launched from the SmartDeFi Token Launchpad.

How It Works

The On-Chain Cross-Chain Bridge allows projects to maintain a singular total supply for their tokens across multiple EVM blockchains such as ETH, BNB, BASE, and more. This means that users can effortlessly transfer their tokens between these blockchains entirely on the chain, unlocking new possibilities for liquidity, accessibility, and utility.


  1. Who Can Initiate Bridge Creation?

    • Only the owner of the SmartDeFi token's smart contract can initiate bridge creation. This ensures authorized access and owner wallet verification across chains.

  2. Can Token Supply Be Distributed Across Multiple Chains?

    • Yes, the total supply can be distributed across multiple chains by allocating it to the bridge. Tokens from the originating chain's supply can then be bridged to new chains, maintaining the integrity of the overall supply.

  3. How Does Supply Transfer Work Across Chains?

    • Users deposit tokens into the bridge, locking them on the current chain and selecting the destination chain for withdrawal. This process releases the tokens into circulation on the selected chain.

  4. Can Outside Contracts Interact with the Bridge?

    • Only verified source addresses on verified chains can interact with the bridge beyond user functions. This security measure ensures controlled access to bridge functionalities.

  5. What does it cost?

    • The bridge has a 1$ flat fee but your operation will cost more because the Bridge requires multiple contract executions on 2 chains at the same time, which means extra costs in gas fees; for example a BNB deposit and BASE withdrawal bridge could cost 9$ in all, but these costs will vary for you depending on network usage at the time

Unlocking New Possibilities

The On-Chain Cross-Chain Bridge opens up a world of possibilities for SmartDeFi and token projects launched from the SmartDeFi Token Launchpad. With seamless interoperability between different EVM blockchains entirely on the chain, users can now enjoy unparalleled flexibility, arbitrage and accessibility when managing their tokens. Join us on this exciting journey towards a more interconnected and decentralized ecosystem.

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