Upgrade FEGv1 in SS/LP

There are still people who have their very old FEG v1 stored in SmartSwap or Liquidity Pools on old FEGex, as such FEG team devised a way for them to upgrade those locked funds.

Because of the insecure nature of those smart contracts, they could not be added to the regular automatic Upgrade app that everyone else uses to upgrade their old FEG to the latest version.

As such, our developers built a tool so the people with FEG v1 in SS and LP can upgrade to the new contract as well, and that tool is more than easy to use.

The SS & LP upgrade tool is located here: https://sslp.fegtoken.com/

What this tool does is essentially it burns the old tokens you have in SmartSwap and LP, in order to make you eligible to be airdropped the new FEG in exchange.

After you use the tool, you will need to contact any of our admins in the Telegram support chat to let them know you've used the tool and give them the hash for your burn transaction, so that our admins will place you on a list of people to be airdropped the new FEG.

IMPORTANT: the airdrops are done in batches, about once every couple of months, so after you send the transaction hash there will be a waiting period involved.

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