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The Vesting Plan

Due to the issues ROX faced back in 2022 the decision was made to merge ROX into FEG, as such all investors holding ROX will receive FEG tokens in exchange. All ROX holders can claim their new FEG tokens over a vesting period of 25 months with 4% batch release per month of their holdings. The user can claim this 4% every month, or they can wait for example for 5 months and then claim 20% all at once in a single transaction, to avoid paying multiple gas fees.

Claims are not subject to any taxation however you DO have to pay the blockchain gas fees to execute transactions, so keep that in mind, especially on ETH


Latest batch: claim #1 of 4% was released on June 1st 2024.

Batches released so far that you can claim in one transaction: 4%

Ratio of ROX to FEG

BSC β†’ 1 ROX = 3,812,101.67910245 FEG ETH β†’ 1 ROX = 3,412,864.15305551 FEG You can also use https://calc.fegtoken.com/ to make it easier.

How to upgrade ROX to FEG

Head over to FEGex.com, connect your wallet, then on FEG's page click on "Upgrader" tab and now click on "ROX Convert" tab. Here you will see the amount of ROX tokens the system can find linked to your wallet and the amount of new FEG you will receive in exchange for these old tokens.

You may choose if you wish your new FEG to be delivered/bridged to another chain, like BASE for example, this means the upgrader will take your old ROX tokens on the current chain and will unlock for you the new FEG on the chain of choice. To do the upgrade first you need to click on "Approve" button and finally click on the "Upgrade" button.

You will need to manually withdraw your new FEG on that other chain you chose. For that you need to change the network in your wallet, click the "Bridge" tab, then the "Withdrawals" tab and finally click on "Withdraw" button.

Remember you need native coins for gas fees on both the origin and destination chains.

Gas fees for bridge use are higher than normal transactions !

And that's it, you've now upgraded ROX to FEG and you also bridged to another chain in a few clicks, simple and easy.

Old ROX addresses

ROX on BSC // 0xa3D522c151aD654b36BDFe7a69D0c405193A22F9
ROX on ETH // 0x378c77C5379cA07BBB5B3506c08a1C769dEC91c2


Will claims be automatic or manual?

It will be manual and you will need to use the upgrade tool on FEGex in order to claim your FEG. The link towards the tool will be placed >here< once it's online and running.

How do I receive FEG?

On every claim you have 3 options to choose from related to where you receive the new FEG:

  1. claim FEG in wallet on current chain

  2. claim FEG in wallet to chain of choice (BSC/ETH/BASE)

  3. claim and auto-stake on current chain

How was the ratio of ROX and FEG calculated?

We determined the ratio using the May 15, 2022, opening price for both FEG and ROX. The value of ROX and FEG was derived by dividing the number of native coins (ETH or BNB) paid by the number of tokens (FEG or ROX) received. We determined how much FEG one ROX yields by dividing the native coin value for one ROX by the native coin value of one FEG. Simply put, this value represents the amount of FEG you would have been able to buy for the same price of one ROX.

BSC Open Transactions ROX: 0x1a0e998a173ef8b395513f85a44b5abd8db2c9f7a79daf19f477165015843504 FEG: 0x190b55b45916e4c79a98d061d2edd16c8cf67f119fa3544e0273e6f6b6ee1cd0

ETH Open Transactions ROX 0x883c756fe5be2182b5e45f80286f8d4c7e2eea23eebe1e15ea53d66932aee026 FEG: 0x0f58396870514f4419ed542dfada345b299971a43f186f1bfc6ea8d29c838bd5 * Note: On May 15, ONLY one ROX ETH transaction – Was used as the open price.

Why use pre-exploit instead of post-exploit values for FEG

Using pre-exploit variables for both tokens was deemed the most logical, essentially allowing a β€˜snapshot' where both tokens experienced the same market conditions before either exploit occurred. Although ROX would have experienced the same market conditions as FEG post-exploit, we didn't want to speculate on price and circulating supply. We preferred to use raw data from the blockchain rather than an arbitrary figure.

Why not use ROX and FEG liquidity pools to determine ratio

We chose not to use this method for two primary reasons:

1. FEG didn’t have an asset-backing LP like ROX. While ROX benefited from having two LPs, asset backing and market LP, FEG only had a market LP. Hence, using LPs in determining the ratio was unfair because FEG could not reap the same benefits afforded to ROX using asset-backing technology.

2. To avoid heavily diluting FEG investors. The total LP for ROX BSC was roughly 2.23x greater than that for FEG BSC, and the entire LP for FEG ETH was approximately 1.42x greater than that for ROX ETH. Using these metrics, ROX BSC holders owned 69% of the new FEG V2 supply, and ROX ETH holders owned 41% of the new FEG V2 supply. Aside from the considerable ownership discrepancy across the chains, diluting FEG holders that much would be unfair and put the project at risk.

Β· BSC LPs β†’ ROX = 5672 BNB; FEG = 2544 BNB

Β· ETH LPs β†’ ROX = 425 ETH; FEG = 604 ETH

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