📜ROXary Custom Upgrades

Development Advisory

FEG's lead developer, FEGrox, announces his new ROXary service!

With the release of SmartDeFi staking on the horizon and the ability to offer FEG stakers infinite reward types, I have started to utilize that ability and find ways to generate more reward types.

One of the best things I have to offer is my unique ability to work with coding and give direction. So I put out some feelers to see if any up-and-coming projects need the service of a technical advisor in exchange for tokens we can allocate as rewards to FEG stakers.

Now, let's get more detailed as to what that means.

Advisory does not mean the FEG project is affiliated, nor am I on the team of any/all advised projects; it only means that I agreed to help advise on future codebase and utility ideas. I cannot guarantee any success in any project or protocol. My advisory only provides advice on code and planning. Unless it is strictly said otherwise, an advisory position is just as it sounds.

I am focused on developing ways to give FEG stakers more reward options and help move the industry forward. One of the best ways to do that is to allow others to benefit from my advisory services. All proceeds from this service will be allocated to FEG stakers, and I am building this decentralized service so FEG stakers can have a voice on who is allowed to benefit from this service.

I hope that makes it more straightforward as we advance.


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