🔒Secure Liquidity

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The FEG project has taken a significant step to enhance the security of its funds by transferring its liquidity into several multi-signature wallets. This strategic move aims to increase the security and management of the funds, providing additional protection against unauthorized access or misappropriation.

Multi-sig wallets are critical components of the project's liquidity, offering enhanced security for transactions that require multiple signatures to be executed. This approach is a testament to the team's commitment to security. It mitigates the risk of single points of failure and ensures a more democratic and transparent management of funds.

FEGbsc Token & Liquidity (LP) Token allocation:

FEGeth Token & Liquidity (LP) Token allocation:

The FEG team has also developed a contract to facilitate the incremental release of funds for the liquidity provider (LP) loan, ensuring the repayment of the loan is done methodically and securely. This contract will enable the lender to make claims from the liquidity bi-weekly until the loan is repaid in full, at which point we can close the loan contract and focus on the next goal.

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