🧯Unburned Token Supply

Strategic Allocation of Unburned Tokens

As part of the migration from the original FEG to the new SmartDeFi-based FEG, the development team minted an entirely new supply and burned half of it. However, the old FEG had already burned more than half of its supply, resulting in a surplus of unburned tokens.

The FEG team carefully considered the allocation of these unburned tokens, ultimately deciding to use part of them for the ROX holder's reimbursements and hold the rest in the FEG Deployer for future strategic purposes. This decision reflects the team's commitment to long-term sustainability and responsible token management.

To date, a portion of these unburned tokens has been utilized to list FEG on new centralized exchanges, broadening the token's accessibility and enhancing its market reach. This strategic allocation demonstrates the FEG team's focus on fostering growth and value for its community.

As FEG continues to evolve and expand, the team remains committed to utilizing its unburned tokens in a manner that aligns with the vision of the FEG ecosystem and benefits the entire community. This proactive approach underscores the team's dedication to responsible token management and the long-term success of FEG.

Join us on this exciting journey as we unlock FEG's transformative potential. Here, innovation, accessibility, and strategic token management converge to redefine the future of finance.


100B Max Supply - 59.65B (59.65T pre-migration) = 40.35B Circulating Supply ROX Token Integration to FEGeth= 3.42B FEGeth tokens 40.35B + 3.42B = 43.77 Circulating Supply after ROX integration 50B Circulating Supply (after 50B burnt at launch) - 43.77B = 6.23 Billion FEGeth


100B Max Supply - 58.82B (58.82T pre-migration) = 41.18B Circulating Supply ROX Token Integration to FEGbsc = 3.82B FEGbsc tokens 41.18B + 3.82B = 45B Circulating Supply after ROX integration 50B Circulating Supply (after 50B burnt at launch) - 45B = 5 Billion FEGbsc

Unburned tokens

This leaves us with 6.23B FEGeth & 5B FEGbc, which are unburned and can be put to good use in the future, as some have already been.

Note the calculations above refer to both old and new FEG simultaneously, and they have different supply numbers; more precisely, there's a 6-zero difference.

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